A closely held technology driven quantitative investment and trading firm applying scientific methods and computing power to trade proprietary capital in liquid securities markets world-wide.

We develop idiosyncratic strategies utilizing carefully constructed algorithms and machine-based programs.  Our equity market neutral strategies have high Sharpe Ratios, extremely low volatility and drawdowns, and endeavor to obtain robust and consistent performance capable of being sustained in a range of market conditions.  Though we may take and dispose of thousands of short-term positions within a session, our strategies do not pursue profit solely by exploiting speed and latency issues.

The performance results of our strategies are easily traceable and allow for verifiable empirical measurement of our investment skill.  This stands in sharp contrast to less rigorous or subjective strategies, where the root of positive performance is often random chance masquerading as investment skill.

Our strategies are developed, programmed, and tested entirely in-house, and thereafter independently verified.  As a proprietary capital firm, our strategies are not available to outside investors and we do not manage client funds or provide investment advisory services.


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